World War II ranks with the Revolutionary War and the Civil War as one of America’s three most sacred wars. American soldiers, sailors and airmen allied with the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union to defeat the most evil person in the annals of history, Adolf Hitler.

According to some accounts, Hitler had three testicles and was addicted to a daily cocktail of forty drugs. And we must never forget the Holocaust, a name that commemorates the cold-blooded murder of six million innocent Jews in gas chambers.


But if the mainstream narrative doesn’t tell us the truth about the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the war in Vietnam or even the Civil War and Revolutionary War, why should we believe the WWII fairy tale?

Before we can study the central issues of life today, we must destroy the prejudices and fallacies born of previous centuries.
Leo Tolstoy

And is it true that the mainstream account was written by the Jews who also control the media we’ve grown to trust – NOT? Why do we hear so little about the horrors that made the Soviet Union such a nightmare before and after Hitler’s reign? And how can anyone ignore the supreme irony of the U.S. ending the war by dropping atomic bombs – invented by Jews – on civilian populations in Japan?

In fact, there are many countries where a very different WWII narrative is taught. Some people even believe Jews started both world wars. I’ve come to embrace this theory myself.

Are you brave enough to question the “truths” you’ve been taught since you were a child? This site is for mature adults, not cowards.

The fate of cowards is to go through life blinded by propaganda, oppressed by the same people who have been oppressing people around the world for centuries.

World War True

Yes, I’m working on a book about World War II. It will probably be finished towards the end of 2023.
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