Ten Reasons to Doubt

Do you believe what you’ve been taught about World War II? Have you ever sat down and really studied it?

Do you believe the government and the media told us the truth about the invasion of Iraq? (Remember those missing weapons of mass destruction?) What about Afghanistan? Libya? Vietnam? Even are oldest wars are still lied about. (Yes, Abraham was a slave owner who didn’t really care about the slaves, and he may have been a gay Jew to boot.)

In fact, it would be utterly amazing to discover that the mainstream WWII narrative is truthful and accurate. The wild lies and exaggerations swirling around Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust alone should make people scratch their heads. I could probably list six million reasons to doubt the WWII narrative, but listed below are ten reasons to get you started.

  1. History is written by the victor.
  2. The Germans started WWII?
  3. Invisible Germans
  4. Invisible Jews
  5. The insivible Joseph Stalin
  6. The invisible Winston Churchill
  7. The invisible Chinese
  8. Adolf Hitler, Superman
  9. Deporting Jews
  10. The Holocaust Industry

History is written by the victor. ˆ

Jew York Times

Let us begin with a famous maxim: History is written by the victor.

In fact, people have been embellishing, exaggerating, and lying for thousands of years. If the Confederates had won the U.S. Civil War, our history books would tell a very different story. Instead of focusing on the racist white Southerners, they might emphasize the Northerners who invaded the South on the pretext of ending slavery but who later waged a genocidal campaign against Native Americans in the West.

It gets deeper, because the Jews control the media, and the Jews may be history’s greatest liars. They wrote the Bible, fabricated the Holocaust fairy tale, and all but invented modern propaganda.

The Germans started WWII? ˆ

It is commonly claimed that Germany started WWII when it invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. It is also commonly claimed that Germany started WWI as well. No wonder the Germans are so vilified!

However, these charges are rather flimsy on closer inspection. A quick glance at a map reveals that Germany and Poland border each other. So how can a war between two neighboring countries constitute a world war? It was the British and French who turned the conflict into a European war when they declared war on Germany. It became a world war when the British and French drug their overseas colonies into the fray,

It would be accurate to say that the invasion of Poland was a crucial factor leading to the outbreak of WWII. In that spirit, we could also argue that the Treaty of Versailles laid the groundwork for WWII. In fact, many historians have said as much.

The case for Germany starting WWI is even sloppier. Why not blame the destruction of Libya on Germany while we’re at it?

Many people blame the Jews for starting both world wars. That might sound absurd to a political novice. However, it is much more believable when you learn how many powerful Jews there were in various European countries and the U.S. Moreover, the Jews handsomely profited from both wars. Indeed, one could argue that the Holocaust was the best thing that never happened to the Jews.

Invisible Germans ˆ

Thanks to generations of Jewish propaganda, many people believe the Germans are a brutish people who do nothing but wallow in hate and racism, starting two world wars on the side. Although the Jews never stop moaning about the extraordinary persecution they have supposedly endured for thousands of years, they seldom mention the suffering the Germans endured.

When the Jews were battling the Roman Empire, so were the Germans. Centuries later, the Germans suffered defeat during World War I, a war the Jews started. During the war, between 478,500 and 800,000 German civilians died from diseases related to hunger and malnutrition. These deaths have traditionally been blamed on a “British hunger blockade.” American civilians experienced nothing remotely similar during either world war.

At the end of the war, Germany was punished severely. Unfairly blamed for starting the war, it was forced to pay a staggering sum in the form of reparations. Much territory was taken away from Germany, and German-speaking people living in those territories were often persecuted.

On top of everything else, Germany was being parasitized by its large Jewish population. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at the U.S. today. Jews control all our major institutions, and we give more aid to Israel than any other country, even helping them slaughter Palestinians. Then there was the rise of the Soviet colossus to the east. To what extent the Soviet Union was controlled by Jews isn’t clear (to me), but it was one helluva scary country.

If you want to understand WWII, you need to put things in context, and the first half of the 20th century was a very scary time for the Germans.

Invisible Jews ˆ

Anglo-Zionist flag

Jewish propagandists have convinced millions of people around the world that they (the Jews) were the star of the show. Adolf Hitler started WWII because of his demonic hatred of Jews, and the Jews suffered more than any other group of people. Of course, the Jews also want people to believe they were as pure as the driven snow.

It’s all bullshit. While Jewish economists and propagandists in other countries battered Germany, Jews living in Germany eroded the country from within. Many people believe the Jews brought what they call the Holocaust on themselves. Though it was no picnic, the Jews did not suffer more than any other group of people.

The Insivible Joseph Stalin ˆ

Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin is widely believed to have killed more people than Hitler, and most of them were his own citizens! Soviet officials and propagandists openly boasted about toppling governments around the world, and the Soviet Union was invading other countries even before WWII started.

So why is Hitler promoted as the most evil person who ever lived, while Stalin is widely ignored? Countless political science students have asked this question, and there’s only one answer: Hitler held the Jews accountable, while Stalin was working with (and likely for) the Jews.

The Invisible Winston Churchill ˆ

As a mass murderer, Winston Churchill doesn’t rank with Hitler or Stalin, but it isn’t for want of trying. Do some research on Stalin, and you’ll learn that he was more blatantly racist than Hitler and was a more authentic warmonger to boot.

Have you ever heard of the Bengal Famine? Probably not; it’s one of those things the Jews don’t want people to know about.

To cut to the chase, an estimated 2-4 million Indians died of malnutrition in 1943. So what does that have to do with Churchill? India was a British colony at the time. (Note that the supposedly racist Adolf Hitler didn’t have any foreign colonies.) The British manipulated food supplies to further the war effort. They essentially starved Indians so their racist troops would have plenty to eat.

In my opinion, Churchill was a far bigger asshole than Hitler, and he may have been just as evil as Stalin, even if he wasn’t able to kill as many people. Then again, anyone who can kill more than a million people has something to brag about, right?

The Invisible Chinese ˆ

The next time you hear a big-mouthed Jew whining about the eternal persecution of God’s chosen people, slap his face and tell him to shut the fuck up. Better yet, kick him in the groin as payback for what the Jews did to China.

Millions of Jews were locked in German labor camps during much of WWII. They claim the Germans killed six million Jews in gas chambers, a claim that’s almost certainly baloney. The death toll was likely much lower, and it isn’t certain that the Germans executed anyone in gas chambers. Just for argument’s sake, however, let’s assume the Germans really did exterminate six million Jewish parasites in gas chambers.

Many Chinese citizens might laugh at the Jews’ fate. After all, China suffered a whopping 14 million casualties during WWII. Approximately 35 million Chinese were killed or wounded during a period of a decade when China was occupied by Japanese troops.

Even before WWII, China was brutally exploited by Western countries. Especially devastating were the Opium wars, and the biggest opium drug lord was David Sassoon, a Jew. Jews may have played a role in the Japanese occupation as well.

After the Allies liberated Germany’s labor camps, liberated Jews emigrated to France, England, the U.S., and Israel, where they would collect Holocaust welfare for the rest of their lives. However, the Chinese weren’t so lucky. After the Opium wars, rampant British looting, a Japanese occupation, a civil war, and WWII, China was virtually a failed state. In the 1950s, the Chinese were struck by yet another calamity, a famine that may have killed a staggering 30 million people.

We don’t hear much about the epic ordeals the Chinese endured for the same reason we don’t hear about the horrors of the Soviet Union or genocides like the Bengal Famine and the Holodomor: they divert attention from the poor persecuted Jews who must never have any competition in the global pity arena.

Adolf Hitler, Superman ˆ

One of my biggest heroes, Adolf Hitler was a virtual Superman. While the U.S. excels at bombing third-world countries into oblivion, Hitler took on the four most powerful countries in the world, winning a blitzkrieg victory over France and nearly defeating the British as well. In fact, he may have been close to vanquishing the evil Soviets as well.

Adolf Hitler

Before that, Hitler performed an economic miracle, rescuing Germany from the Great Depression while Americans were still digging ditches for their racist pResident, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

However, some people think Hitler had supernatural powers. They claim he had various diseases, was deranged, and was a drug addict. More than a drug addict, some claim Hitler drank a daily cocktail of 40 drugs! (According to at least one source, it was 80 drugs.) The icing on the cake: one of those drugs was rat poison.

Anyone who’s stupid enough to believe the Jews’ bullshit will never understand history or politics. Suffice it to say that if I drank a daily cocktail of just three drugs—perhaps marijuana and two other relatively mild drugs—I would not be able to lead a country, let alone perform an economic miracle followed by a military miracle.

The preposterous lies about Hitler that are still promoted by the Jews is just another reminder that they are the most inherently dishonest tribe on the planet.

Deporting Jews ˆ

If the Jews are both the leading victims and heroes of WWII, their greatest moment was the Holocaust. According to the Jews, it was the greatest . . . well, I don’t know how to word it for the Guinness Book of Records. However, it supposedly represents a historical milestone in depravity.

Deporting Jews

Of course, you probably already know the story line: an evil madman named Adolf Hitler began plotting the world’s greatest genocide when he was still in his mother’s womb. Once he grew to adulthood, the charismatic kook developed a cleverly efficient method to achieve his goal, killing six million Jews in gas chambers.

Once again, there’s something the Jews don’t want you to know about. Hitler’s preferred solution to Germany’s Jewish problem was actually deportation, not annihilation. He deported thousands of Jews to Palestine, even allowing many of them to take their assets with them. This strategy was halted by Arab leaders who weren’t happy about being bombarded by all that European trailer trash. Especially troubling were the Zionists, who claimed they had some ancestral link to the Holy Land.

In 1938, delegates from 32 countries met in Evian, France for a conference that, depending on one’s perspective, was very sad or quite humorous. The delegates were concerned about the millions of Chinese citizens who sought refuge from the Japanese war lords.

Just joking! They were concerned about Germany’s Jewish refugees. They wanted to find a home for them. According to the Jews’ Holocaust Encyclopedia, “Most countries, however, refused to admit more refugees.” However, other sources say just one country was willing to accept Jewish immigrants, the Dominican Republic.

No one was more amused than Hitler. The very people who demonized him for persecuting the Jews didn’t want any Jews in their own countries!

Of course, powerful Jews in the U.S. pulled some strings and opened the flood gates for their inbred brethren. Soon millions of Jews began pouring into the U.S., where they would enhance society with organized crime, drugs, alcohol, sex-trafficking, and the atomic bomb. Some of America’s most charismatic leaders, including Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, opposed Jewish immigration. Today, America would be a far better place if people had listened to them.

The Holocaust Industry ˆ

Holocaust Industry

Last, but far from least, is the fabled “Holocaust industry,” which is nothing short of an economic (and demographic) miracle..

While starving Chinese begged for food, Jews who were liberated from German labor camps were free to emigrate to other countries and collect Holocaust welfare for the rest of their lives. Unbelievably, the number of Holocaust survivors dramatically increased. Were they cloning themselves?

Of course, no one is more obsessed with money than Jews, and if they could make a buck off of WWII, why not try for two bucks?

Soon, it seemed like every Jew wanted to be a Holocaust survivor. To help them out, the term was redefined. One of the most famous Holocaust survivors is Roman Polanski, a Jewish pedophile who never spent one day in a labor camp. He was simply living in Poland when it was invaded by German troops. He escaped unharmed but is now revered as a Holocaust survivor.

It reminds me of the time I saw a polar bear while working on the Arctic Ocean as a wildlife biologist. The bear never attacked me, but it could have, making me a polar bear survivor, Arctic survivor, or something like that.

It gets even worse, because some Jewish fruit cake is now trying to convince people that Holocaust survivors can pass their stress on to their children through their genes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this is all about: the Jews want the children of Holocaust survivors to be eligible for Holocaust welfare.

Think about it: the Jews’ Holocaust is a money-making scheme! It gives them an incentive to lie about WWII, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust. And as their lies pile up higher, they have to make up more lies to cover for their earlier lies. Eventually, they turn the WWII narrative into one big clusterfuck that Americans would never believe if they had any brains.

* * * * *

This article is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I could have listed 20 reasons, 50 or 100 reasons. I’ll have much more to say in World War True.